The Skin Cloth


The super soft skin cloth will quickly removes all makeup including mascara.


The super soft skin cloth will quickly remove all makeup including mascara. We recommend to use them with water or your usual cleansing product.


• Super soft and gentle for sensitive or acne skins
• Reusable
• Perfect for all ages and genders
• Ideal for travel & gym-goers

How to use:

Soak with lukewarm water, gently swipe over eyes, face and neck until make up is removed. Apply your usual cleansing product,  flip the cloth over and use the other side to remove cleanser and any remaining make up from the skin.

It is advisable to change your skin cloth every three months and to hand-wash directly after every use using anti bacterial soap.

We recommend that you pop your cloth into the washing machine once a week at 30˚ Celsius. It is not recommended to use fabric softener.

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